Jody Melanson (jmelanson)

I grew up in a small Northern Town on a large Lake. I was always fascinated
by Bugs, Birds and Wildlife. Growing up in this small town gave me lots of
opportunities to see and interact with nature. I was your typical boy with
the slingshot hanging out of one back pocket and a Frog in one of my front
pockets. It was tremendous fun for myself, but caused my Mother much grief.
She never liked the Snakes and other creatures I regularly brought home. I
can remember when I was about 7 and caught a Arigope (Garden Spider) that
was so large, I couldn't quite close my hand fully around him without
crushing him. I took him in the house and showed my Mom. I can still hear
her piercing scream like it was yesterday.

Drawing, sketching and painting was also where a lot of my free time was
spent. I think the camera is a fantastic medium for producing another form
of Art.

My greatest satisfaction comes from shooting action shots. Birds in flight
or fight, Mammals running, People leaping, diving, jumping I love
challenges. I also like to read, learn and share ideas.

You can reach me at